What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a new technology using crystals under pressure to remove dead or damaged layers of skin. The crystals and skin debris are then vacuumed away, resulting in smoother, less wrinkled skin.

What are the abrasive particles and are they reused?

The particles are aluminum oxide, which are clinically safe. The suctioned particles are not reused and are collected in disposable waste canisters.

Is Microdermabrasion helpful in treating acne?

Microdermabrasion will reduce the size of the enlarged pores by cleaning out the clogged pores and help control the excessive oiliness in the skin. It is not recommended that Microdermabrasion be used concomitantly with Renova or Retin A, due to skin sensitivity.

Is Microdermabrasion helpful in treating sun-damage and pigmented skin?

Yes. Sun-damaged skin will see gradual improvement in texture and lightening of superficial pigments.

Is more than one treatment necessary?

One treatment will improve your skin's smoothness; however, a series of treatments will maximize the effect.

How often should the treatments be done?

They can be scheduled every 7 to 10 days, depending on the indications and skin sensitivity.

Is Microdermabrasion painful?


Can it be combined with chemical peels?

Yes. This is commonly done, and the two procedures together have a complimentary effect.

Are there any patients who should not use Microdermabrasion?

Yes. Patients with Rosacea or dilated capillaries (telangiectasia) should be cautious using Microdermabrasion. Patients with sunburn should delay treatment.

What preparations should be done prior to Microdermabrasion?

Stop all skin care products such as Retin A, and Renova several weeks prior to treatment.

What about special care after the treatment?

Medical grade skin care products should be used to enhance and maintain your office treatment results.

What should I do after Microdermabrasion?

Use sunscreens and avoid direct sunlight. Also, avoid Retin A and Renova for three to four days. You may use makeup after treatment.

What will my skin look like after a treatment?

The skin will have a warm, healthy glow. You may have a slight pinkness, but the pinkness will diminish over the next 24 hours.